The 5 Scents of Pyrus

If you ever get to visit our London studio, you will notice a lovely scent in the air which will be from our new candle range. Ash and Lorraine have been busy working on selecting their favourite fragrances and have put these together with their favourite print artworks and named each candle after the moods they evoke.

The candles are handmade and hand poured by Lorraine using 100% Soy wax and high quality natural fragrance oils. Everything about the candles are made with sustainability in mind and all sourced in the UK. The glass holders can be reused as the soy wax can be washed out with soap and warm water. The wicks are 100% natural and made specifically for soy wax and all packaging is reusable or recyclable. We will aim to refill your jar (of the same scent) once you have finished your candle, we will launch this service around August 2020 so make sure to keep the packaging!

The Scents

We will be releasing the following fragrances as our first five scents:

Neroli & Ylang Ylang
Fresh Ginger & Green Tea
Black Amber & Lavender
Wild Lemongrass

We will aim to refill your jar for a small charge once you have finished your candle, so make sure to keep the packaging

The main range will have 5 scents with limited edition releases added for special occasions like Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and more

Each candle is 200ML and the burn time is 33 hours. Small sample pots (around tealight size) are also currently being made, so you can try before you buy and find your favourite Pyrus scent or send a lovely gift to someone special!

Please note, we will only keep a limited number of sample pots. After this they will be made to order as requested, please bear with us whilst we arrange your sample pot to be made and sent to you. Current time is 3-4 days

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