An Interview with Yami

Last week I introduced this lovely lady and good friend of mine Yami, who took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her made to order turban headbands

Tell us about yourself

Hola! My name is Yami (yes like Yummy) and I am from beautiful Cali in Colombia. I came to the UK around 18 years ago to study English and go to university where I met my Portuguese boy - we have been together and happily married since. I have three beautiful boys and I'm crazy in love for life, my friends, nature, people and the universe.

I started my brand called Yummy by Yamy in 2013 selling handmade mamas and baby girls hair accessories. I basically love making things with my hands, from accessories of any kind, sewing and cooking.

I also organise Supper Clubs on a regular basis which focuses on Latin American food with a European touch. I am very proud of my origins and want the world to get to know about it.

What inspired you to start making the turban headbands?

When the lockdown happened I started to grow out my natural hair, something I thought would be easy, but afro hair requires a lot of dedication and pampering. One morning I woke up and felt sorry for my dear husband who had to see me (upset) the way I wake up every morning, so I had a bath and decided I should do something. I had been styling my hair by just putting it up as a pineapple style, but I started doing some research on other styling ideas. I noticed most of the women I was inspired by were wearing some sort of accessory in their hair, which is where the idea of making the turban headbands was born.

"The turban headbands are made to order at home and I work during any ‘free’ time I have from motherhood. I usually cut and sew in the evening after my boys are asleep. I start at 11pm and work through to 1 to 2am..."

Great idea Yami, tell us more

The turban headbands are made to order at home and I work during any ‘free’ time I have from motherhood. I usually cut and sew in the evening after my boys are asleep. I start at 11pm and work through to 1 to 2am. It is a bit late but I simply enjoy the silence and peace that only those hours can provide.

Where can people purchase from you?

I am working on reopening my Etsy shop (i just need to organise photos etc). For now, people can DM me on IG/FB at Yummy by Yamy

The turban headbands are tailored to each individual order. You send me your head measurements and I will make them accordingly. This is the current process but I will be changing it to standard Small, Medium and Large (with measurements) so do keep an eye on my social media pages for further announcements.

Prices are:
Turban Grande (Wide) £19.99
Turban Petit (Thinner width) £13.99
Turban Girl £10.99

What have the effects of the past few months made you feel about the future?

Those who know me well, know I love to live every single day like it is the last one. The Covid19 pandemic for many people unfortunately has taken away loved ones, affected their livelihoods and changed life as we know it, this is not an easy time. When you do pass through significant losses in your life, one does realise that there is little you can do to prevent that.... I use this to take the opportunity to reflect and do the things that I have always put aside before. We have to carry on and try to live a life which provides harmony, peace, love and allows us to work together.

I feel super blessed that I have a manana (tomorrow), and because of that my tomorrow is not in a year or two, it is now. What is preventing me from doing everything I love? Cooking, creating, coaching, the list is infinite and if I can make others happy doing it, then there is no stopping me

Yami is currently making 20 limited edition printed Turban Grande headbands (release date TBC) in an exclusive Pyrus silk print which will be given free to the first 20 lucky customers that order from our store. You can check her out on Instagram @yummy_by_yamy or on facebook Yummy By Yamy and direct message her for enquiries

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